Flipping Vintage Furniture: Autumn Lineup

Hi, everyone! It’s been a while, eh? I’ve been keeping pretty busy (helped open a new store, testing a new business venture…) so I wanted to share a bit about what I’ve been up to lately. (Hint: it involves vintage furniture, fresh new fabrics, and a whole lot of faith that maybe…I can make a bit of side cash.) Continue reading

Visual Merchandising: Updating a Window Display

Howdy, all! So I was at work the other day, working on a window display, and thought it would be cool to do a fast-motion video of what it’s like to work in a furniture store as a visual merchandiser. In this video, I am clearing out portions of an existing display, including a large wool rug, to create a fresh backdrop to play off of. (That rug weighs a ton, I tell you!)

Hope you enjoy. :)

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4 Reasons I Love Being a Visual Merchandiser (at a Furniture Store)

When I tell people that I am a visual merchandiser, that’s usually followed by an “oh, okay” then some silence as they ponder what in the world that actually means. It probably conjures the image of someone who styles manikins for a living–which can be part of the job…if you work for a fashion retailer. Since I work at a furniture store, my role is a bit different though not too different. You see, home furnishings are basically like fashion for the home!

So what is a visual merchandiser, anyway? What does she/he do? It really is a fun job all-in-all, though I do think there are some common misconceptions about what it entails. So today, I’m sharing 4 Reasons I Love Being a Visual Merchandiser (at a Furniture Store) that may not only shed some light on my role but also inspire others who may be interested in the position themselves as a starting point for their careers! Continue reading

7 Stylish Home Organization Ideas

Hello, readers. I can’t believe it’s already May! If you’re like me, then life has probably kept you pretty busy–especially if you work a lot, own a business, or take care of your kids at home. Doesn’t leave a whole lot of time for keeping the house from getting messy, does it?

Fear not! With all the stylish options we have at our fingertips these days, organizing all that smallish paraphernalia you keep at home has never been easier. In fact, it can even be fun! Don’t believe me? Take a look these 7 Stylish Home Organization Ideas and see if you can’t make a few work for you.

Don't like shelving on your nightstands? Try an end table with open shelving and store your nighttime necessities in a stylish basket! | The Happy Home Therapist

1. The Untraditional Nightstand

Don’t like the look of nightstands that have drawers, or just ready to try something new? Opt for an open end table instead  with shelving. That way, you can still reach what you want to keep out or store away what you don’t want on display in a nifty basket or bin in a color, style and design that you like. Continue reading

What’s your design style?

Hi, everyone! So yesterday I got to playing around with a quiz maker called Qzzr and couldn’t help but put together a little something that can help readers (and my potential clients!) zero down on their design style. Of course, everyone is unique–and with the right quiz maker (or the upgraded version of the one I used) you could probably get even more detailed and accurate results. This one is just a quick and easy tool to give you a general sense of where you fall on the design spectrum most of the time.

Curious to see what your results will be? Click here to take the quiz!

What design style did you get?

I got Contemporary! I’d say that’s pretty accurate. Though I consider myself eclectic, it’s not to the point of going too far off the wall. I take small risks here and there and am usually trying things that are/eventually become trendy within a year or so. In other words, I like to push the envelope just enough to stay on top of the curve.

So, did you take the quiz? If so, let me know what your results were and if you feel like it’s a good fit for you!

Visual Merchandising at Living Spaces

So recently I started a new job working as a visual merchandiser (VM) for a really cool company called Living Spaces, and I’m super excited. I have been visiting their stores on and off (even shopped there for one of my clients) and have been wanting to work with them for several years now. It wasn’t until recently that I learned they even had any visual merchandising positions available. (Before, I only saw postings for sales positions.) Even better: they’re opening a new store soon within 15 minutes from my home in Gilbert, AZ!

Display at Living Spaces in Phoenix, AZ. || The Happy Home Therapist Continue reading

Banner for my patio makeover. | The Happy Home Therapist

My First Home: The Patio (Part II)

My patio design in my first home. | The Happy Home Therapist

When I first shared images of my patio makeover, I hadn’t taken many pictures with my Canon yet. All but one photo (above) was from my cell phone. Today, I thought I’d share a few shots I took with my real camera as well as more detail about my thought process. Continue reading

5 Signs You Don’t Need (or Just Aren’t Ready For) an Interior Designer

Over the past few years with my interior design business, I have come across some interesting clients–some good and some that, well…just weren’t my cup of tea. This whole process of being a third-year business owner has really got me (re)thinking my passion for the biz, what I want from it, and what people should expect to get from me. Especially that last bit.

Problem today is that a lot of people, I’ve come to learn, have very unrealistic expectations when it comes to working with an interior designer or decorator. A lot of this may come from having never worked with one before, or perhaps they’ve worked with someone who was under qualified and/or did not charge their true worth. (To be honest, I have been guilty of the latter, which is one reason why these things are on my mind.) Some of it, I fear, has come from the rise of the “DIY mentality” that’s been trendy lately. (Surely, if you can pin a lot of pictures of things you like on a Pinterest board with similar colors, you can pull together a cohesive, well-designed room…right?) And yet still, I think some of these unrealistic expectations may come from a personal unwillingness to be honest with one’s self.

Thing is if you’ve spent any amount of time toying with the idea of enlisting the services of an interior designer or decorator, then part of you already knows that you can’t actually pull that room together all by yourself. That is okay; it’s why designers and decorators do what they do!  However, if you find yourself continually struggling with the idea of hiring a professional and handing over some of the responsibility of redefining your interior space, then perhaps it’s time to consider the signs that hey, you might really not need one after all!
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Feature image for updated 80s townhome bedroom makeover. | The Happy Home Therapist

My First Home: The Bedroom + Updates

I don’t think I ever shared a complete post on my bedroom makeover before since I started blogging on WordPress (edit: I lied; just checked and found this post), but when I initially transformed my 1980’s townhome bedroom, the result looked something like this:

"Before" and "after" of my 80s townhome bedroom makeover. | The Happy Home Therapist

And this is what the whole room looked like before:

The "before" view of my townhome bedroom transformation. | The Happy Home Therapist

The Concept

It really was a blank slate starting off. All of the walls in my townhome were originally a tan. One of the first things I did before moving in was repaint most of the walls a very light taupy gray color. Funny thing: I had put together a concept board long before I even knew I’d be buying a home. I knew I wanted this room to be a mix of at least one vintage mid-century modern find (the dresser) and more elegant pieces with traditional flare. Very eclectic.

Concept board for my bedroom in my first home. | The Happy Home Therapist

This is how the rest actually turned out.

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Let’s Get Personal

Hello, dear readers! I am aware I am not the most frequent of posters (should not have surprised myself with this realization, seeing as to how this is not my first blog). As such, I’ve decided to shift my focus on THHT and make things a bit more…well, personal.

So what, exactly, does that mean for you? Continue reading